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To make your visit to Senegal, the land of Teranga, pleasant, we have selected three itineraries where you can enjoy our country’s rich cultural heritage:

1). Visit to Gorée Island:
This island, located 3 km off the coast of the capital Dakar, is renown for his historical linkages to the Atlantic slave trade and the graciousness of women entrepreneurs locally known as Signare. In just 30 minutes aboard a modern and comfortable ferry, you can spend a pleasant day in this legendary island and its many museums including the slave warehouse or Maison des Esclaves, the Musée de la Femme (Women’s museum), the Musée Historique (Historical Museum) and, the Musée de la Mer (Marine Museum). The visit to Gorée is free for all participants.

2). Visit to Saloum Islands (southern itinerary):
After days of hard work, nothing like a two days break in the picturesque mangrove where green landscapes and gentle breezes from the bolongs or ravines will help you forget the noisy urban setting of the capital. After a journey of 260 km in comfortable buses, Saloum islands are an Eldorado where you can enjoy fresh seafood skilfully garmented with ingredients that are the exclusive secrecy of local inhabitants. Lunch will be provided in the village of Toubakouta where you can enjoy the mangrove landscape. After lunch, we invite you to a tour of the bolongs (rivers) and a visit in one of the largest known archaeological shell mounds in the country (Diorom Boumack and Boundaw). On the way back from this archaeological adventure, get your cameras ready to capture and immortalize the incredible spectacle of thousands of birds coming to spend the night on some trees in the middle of the mangrove. This archaeological adventure will resume the next day toward the megalithic site of Siin Ngayène recently added on the UNESCO World Heritage list. A picnic is organized under the shady trees near the megalithic site of Siin Ngayène. The cost of the visit is 250 euros per participant.

 3). Visit of Saint-Louis (northern itinerary).
Two days will allow you discover the splendid northern city of Saint Louis. In Senegalese traditions, Saint Louis is famous for the hospitality of its inhabitants, their complete mastery in the cooking of the national meal (Ceebu Jeen or rice and fish] and, its colonial heritage and architecture. 250 kilometres on the way to Saint Louis, we invite you to stop at the historical well of Ndande and, the tumulus of Mboy u Gare. After a good lunch typically on the Saint Louisian tradition, you will enjoy the colonial architecture of the city, its traditional village of fishermen and, the wonderful beach of Hydrobase where Jean Mermoz took off with the airpostal. On the next day, Nature lovers will have the chance to satisfy their desire at the magnificent birds’ reserve of Djoudj. A lunch will be provided before heading back to Dakar in the afternoon. The cost of the visit is 150 euros per participant.

For more information concerning the excursions please contact  Dr Moustapha Sall (email: